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Marine Biologist for a Night

Ever Wonder what a Day in Life of a Marine Biologist is like? 

Biologist Roberto


Don't miss this opportunity to go on Night Patrol to relocate endangered nests and you even get to see nesting turtles!  

Participants will learn about sea turtle biology, environmental threats, Protection strategies and have hands on sea turtle conservation experiences.

Leatherback Nest Collection


     Sea Turtle nests usually hatch at night. and the first turtles emerge in the early morning. Once the nests become active they need to be monitored around the clock. Nests then need to be escavated and inventoried to free any trapped hatchlings that didn't emerge on their own. 
     Participants will assist in excavations, record data on nest contents, measure and care for hatchlings, and help manage hatchling releases.




  • 11pm-2am or 3-6am Nest Relocation Patrols (depending on tides and beach conditions)


Students will also learn about Temperature-dependent Sex Determination (TSD), and how the Incubation Greenhouse in Todos Santos is helping increase populations and balance gender-ratios of critically endangered Pacific Leatherback sea turtles. All this in just one day!

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Nighttime Activities Available October 15- Dec 31
Daytime Activities available Dec 6 - Mar 31.
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Nest Monitoring 10am-3pm
Nest escavation/ Hatchling release 5pm
Night Patrol 11pm-2am

Scholarships are available for local students!

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