Tortugueros Las Playitas A.C.

Environmental Conservation with a Special Interest in Sea Turtles 

Todos Santos, Las Playitas y Agua Blanca, B.C.S., Mexico

Leatherback Hatchling & Incubation Greenhouse

Our mission is to protect, conserve and replenish the fragile marine eco-systems of Baja California Sur, Mexico. We place a special emphasis on Endangered Sea Turtle population recovery, habitat protection and environmental education in Todos Santos, Las Playitas and Agua Blanca. 

We are working to help restore the Critically Endangered Pacific Leatherback population which is on the verge of extinction. Our Incubation Greenhouse stabilizes sand temperatures creating an ideal nest habitat, where hatch rates are maximized and gender ratios are balanced. Join us this season as a volunteer, event participant or sponsor and help balance the fragile marine eco systems of Baja.



In Memory of Darren Sage
Tortugueros Las Playitas would like to recognize Darren Sage and Family as Sponsors of the 2011 Nesting Season. Muchas gracias for your support.

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Our philosophy is that Environmental Advocates love the ocean and environment because of our positive experiences that have bonded us to them. Help us give positive environmental experiences to young people by sponsoring one of our Education Programs!