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Greenhouse Plastic Application

 Endangered Species Conservation

October through March each year we relocate endangered nests to our protective greenhouse, where temperatures are optimized creating healthier hatchlings and balanced gender ratios.

Satellite Trackers

Scientific Research
We are currently analyzing DNA from our Leatherback Hatchlings. This research in collaboration with the UABCS Department of Environmental Ecology is the first of it's kind. Results will give us origin and health data for this critically endangered species. You can help us collect more nests and samples with a donation below:


   Environmental Education



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Become a official project sponsor with a donation of $250 or more. Your support will significantly help endangered species habitat protection, population recovery projects, and youth education programs. Your clients and potential clients will know you support environmental conservation in Todos Santos with this seal.

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Black Sea Turtle Hatchlings

Adopt a Nest

Nest Species Available

-Black Turtle 
-Olive Ridley 

What you get with an Adoption:

-Adoption Certificate 
-Photo of your hatchlings
-Data from Nest 
-Species Fact Sheets 

-Lots of Good Karma!
Adoption Contributions:
-Leatherback: Critically Endan. $50 
-Black Turtle:  Endangered   $45
-Olive Ridley: Vulnerable   $40

Choose your Species:


Adopt a Hatchling
Participate in our Adopt a Hatchling program and help replenish sea turtle populations. You'll recieve a Sea Turtle Birth Certificate, photo of your hatchling, and project data information. Proceeds go directly to population recovery projects.


Purchase Tomas and the Turtles

Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.

Help support our conservation efforts through the purchase of Tomas and the Turtles, an Environmentally friendly ebook.
Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.



Spread the Word

Olive Ridleys begin nesting in July, Blacks in August, and Leatherbacks nest October - April. Please help these endangered species by following the following guidelines:

  • Reduce outdoor lighting in coastal homes
  • Reuse & Recycle your Plactics
  • Don't build bonfires on the beach
  • Participate in Beach Clean-ups
  • Never shine light on nesting turtles
  • Support the local economy to eliminate the need for poaching (shop Pinos not Costco)
  • Never drive on the beach
  • Volunteer for conservation groups
  • Make sure your construction debris is disposed of properly, not thrown in the arroyo.
  • Never eat or buy turtle meat or eggs
  • Promote sustainable fishing by consuming line-caught fish (nets kill turtles)
  • Spread the word

    Please report any turtle nests or tracks in the Todos Santos area to 
  • or whats app +52 612.177.3507

Our philosophy is that Environmental Advocates love the ocean and environment because of our positive experiences that have bonded us to them. Help us give positive environmental experiences to young people by sponsoring one of our Education Programs!