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Empower a Mexican Child through a Sponsorship for Junior Lifeguards.
Resgistrations and Sponsorships now being processed for Summer 2017 


Most children in the coastal community of Todos Santos never learn to swim.  There is no public swimming pool and ocean currents are too strong here for beginner swimmers.  Junior Lifeguards give kids a chance to learn swimming, and other acquatic recreation skills each summer.

Junior Marine Biologists work side by side with Biologists and Tecnicians in Sea Turtle conservation each nesting season.  They participate in Night patrols to rescue nests, help monitor nests, learn how to inventory nest contents, and help manage hatchling releases.   They are learning how the Incubation Greenhouse is operated so they can eventually run the project.  The fourth-sixth graders are our Conservation Experts of the future! 

With your help, Junior Lifeguards  and Junior Marine Biologists can open the door to a whole new world of swimming, environmental awareness, ocean recreation, and conservation. It can give kids the chance to fall in love with the Ocean and the Environment!

Please consider a sponsorship, and change a life forever!



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You may choose to sponsor more than one child or provide a partial sponsorship, any amount is greatly appreciated!

 Full Sponsorships for the Program are just $100usd per participant.

We are currently seeking a 4x4 Passenger Van or Suburban for Student Transport.  Please contact us if you have a vehicle for Donation. Muchas Gracias!


Our philosophy is that Environmental Advocates love the ocean and environment because of our positive experiences that have bonded us to them. Help us give positive environmental experiences to young people by sponsoring one of our Education Programs!