Tortugueros Las Playitas A.C.

Help Us Rebuild the Incubation Greenhouse

Incubation Greenhouse (at its best)

Incubation Greenhouse After Hurricane Odile

A Healthy Ocean Begins with You!  

The Problem: 

Our Oceans are suffering and Mother Nature is not happy. Humans have contaminated and overfished our Oceans. We have destroyed coastlines with construction, polluted riverbeads with improper waste disposal and depleted marine life populations through selfish habits.

We have created unbalanced marine eco systems by hunting top predators like Sea Turtles and Sharks for human consumption.

Southern Baja is no different. Sea turtle nesting habitat has been destroyed, meat and eggs are still sought after for consumption and fisheries continue to unintentionally kill sea turtles.  

You can help counterbalance our negative actions by supporting our Conservation and Education project. 

What we do:


  • Nest protection and Incubation
  • Coastline clean up and Recycling programswhale.watching.todos.santos.jpeg

 Community Outreach:

  • Provide Tourism jobs to Fishermen 
  • Provide Conservation jobs to locals


  • Local Youth Education Programs
  • Educate international visitors and provide Volunteerr opportunities
Public Awareness  
  • Free, public hatchling releases December -April 
  • Beach signage
  • Informational brochures

Scientific Investigations

  • Sharing of data with University students for thesis development
  • Sharing of data with National and International Organizations such as SWOT, SEMARNAT and Grupo Tortuguero.


How you can Help:

The Incubation Greenhouse takes a beating every summer when hurricanes and tropical storms bring heavy winds and high seas to Todos Santos.  This year is no exception.  We need lumber, plastic, hardware, fence posts and chainlink fencing to get the incubation greenhouse up this season.  Please help us rebuild the greenhouse so we can incubate nests successfully.  The temperatures will drop in November so time is of the essence!

 Thank you for considering a donation! 

Tortugueros Las Playitas A.C. is a Mexican "Asociacion Civil" or non-profit organization working under a permit issued by SEMARNAT Direccion General de Vida Silvestre.  All of our programs are possible thanks to our generous Sponsors and hard working Volunteers.


Please contact us if you have any of the following items to donate.
  1. 4x4 ATV for running night patrols
  2. Greenhouse quality plastic for Incubation Greenhouse
  3. 4x4 Passenger vehicle for Student transport (ie:Dodge Durango or Suburban)
  4. Chainlink fencing for incubation corral
  5. Gasoline, Oil, WD-40
  6. Wood and paint for signs
  7. Rain gear, goggles, and headlamps with red filter
  8. Hobo data-loggers for recording temperatures
  9. ATV tires, batteries, and trailer
  10. Two ipads for programming data loggers, recording logger read outs, writing reports, maintaining website, international networking, community outreach, and internal communication
  11. A projector for school presentations.  (one that connects to a laptop, ie: cannon)
  12. A GoPro camera with waterproof housing for documentation, education, and promotion.


Our philosophy is that Environmental Advocates love the ocean and environment because of our positive experiences that have bonded us to them. Help us give positive environmental experiences to young people by sponsoring one of our Education Programs!