Tortugueros Las Playitas A.C.

Nesting Season

Our Conservation Program runs October 16 - May 31

Hatchling Releases begin around December 10 and last through April or May

Three species of Sea Turtle (Leatherback, Olive Ridley and Black) nest on the beaches of Todos Santos. Olive Ridleys nest year round, Leatherbacks from October - April, and Blacks from September -February. 


Sea Turtle nests rely on the heat of the sand for incubation, and when sand temperatures drop below 26° celcius for any part of the incubation period, malformations and death can occur in the developing turtles.  This is where our Incubation Greenhouse comes in!  All nests that are laid after October 16 are relocated into the Incubation Greenhouse where average sand temperatures are 29°celcius. Hatchlings incubated inside the greenhouse are healthy, vigorous, and lack the deformities that are common in fall and winter nests.  The incidence of flipper deformations, crooked beaks, blindness and dwarfism is significantly decreased when fall and winter nests are incubated in the Greenhouse. 

We begin relocating nests to the Incubation Greenhouse on October 16, and our Hatchling releases usually begin around December 5. 


Leatherback hatchling incubated in the Greenhouse


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