Tortugueros Las Playitas A.C.

Sea Turtle Hatchling Releases in Todos Santos

Hatchling Releases are always Open to the Public and Free of charge. You can help make Hatchling Releases possible by making a Donation!

Olive Ridley Hatchlings

There will be releases every day from December 8 - Jan 30 at sunset (about 5:00pm). Then most days in February (6:00),  and sporadically during March (at 6pm). For more info on Hatchling Release please "Like" us on facebook.  (Tortugueros Las Playitas)

Then, you will receive the notices in your newsfeed. 

or you can visit this site to view the live data stream at the top of the page.


Health and Safety Protocols

 This year due to COVID 19 visitors will not be allowed in the turtle camp. Visitors can observe the releases from a six foot distance as long as beaches remainder open.

We have added educational signs to replace our informative speeches.

We request that visitors wear masks while observing the releases from a healthy distance..


Directions to theTurtle Camp:

The Turtle Camp is located between Calle Mangos and Camino Internacional on the beach.

From Centro, take Topete to the "Otra Lado." Turn left on Horizonte, pass school, then bear Right on Camino a Las Playitas. Travel about 1.5 miles and rurn left on Camino International (toward ocean). Veer left at  fork, then take it all the way untill you reach the dunes and turn left.  You will see lots of Boulders blocking beach accessby vehicle. Park by the boulders and walk out on the  beach

Hatchling Releases are open to the public and free of charge. Hope to see you there!

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 Nest Relocation

Hatchling Releases 

 Olive Ridley


December- April



 December- March


 October- April

 December- June

For Hatchling Release info "Like" us on facebook, and you'll recieve notices in your newsfeed.  Or, visit this website to view the live data stream at the top of the page. We try to post Hatchling Release info by noon each day.




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